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    Albany Today is a community news website dedicated to provide news and information service to residents of Albany, CA.  To suggest a story or inquire about posting one, please email Barbara Grady at barbgrady@sbcglobal.net.

    Albany Today was started in September, 2007 by Linda (Linjun) Fan, a graduate student of journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. The website has become the most reliable and respected news source in town by serving the community with timely, lively and fair coverage on all major issues.

    That’s why so many people are reading it and talking about it. 

    More than 2,000 local residents visit the site weekly; more than 500 visit it daily.

    Albany Today connects the community with lively coverage of various local activities, including the Solano Stroll, Dinner with Albany, the Musical Festival, the Bike Rodeo, etc.  

    It comprehensively introduced each of the nine candidates for City Council and School Board, with articles, photos and video clips on Special Coverage on Local Election. It was the first to cover the election results .  

    Albany Today informs parents and teachers on challenging issues facing the school district, such as budget cut, overcrowding, personnel change, etc.   

    It cares about local businesses and has published stories on how the current recession is affecting Albany businesses.

    It serves also as a forum for members of the community to express their opinions on issues of public concern, and has published a number of commentaries from readers.

    It has inspired the Graduate Journalism of School at UC-Berkeley to launch similar news websites for several other San Francisco Bay communities, such as Oakland North, El Cerrito Focus and Mission Local


    A Message from Linda (Linjun) Fan:

                     Me                  Hi,  I am a graduate student at Cal and your fellow resident of Albany. I was a journalist in Beijing, China for four years before I came to California in August, 2007. I enjoy learning about the community and writing news stories about you. Please share your ideas and stories with me and the community by posting comments on the website or emailing to linjun9913@berkeley.edu. Your voice will always be appreciated.