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    Albany police seek information from public in investigating man’s death

    Albany Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found on the Albany Hill two months ago.

    The man was identified as Alfredo Vega Gamboa, an auto mechanic who lived in Richmond. 33-year-old Gamboa was found dead in the woods on the west side of the hill on the morning of Saturday, April 18th.

    “We are ¬†investigating the case as a homicide,” said Lt. Daniel Adams of the Police Department.

    Adams said that it was the first homicide case in Albany in the past five years.¬†The police had examined available evidence and interviewed Gamboa’s family and people who knew him, but are still waiting for an autopsy report from the Coroner’s Office. More information concerning his death will be released after the report comes out.

    Gamboa was driving a dark Cadillac shortly before his death. The car was found to be deserted a few hundred feet from where his body located.

    The police ask anyone who has information concerning Gamboa’s death to contact its Crime Tip line at 510-528-4002, or send email to CrimeInfo@albanyca.org.

    “We are seeking help from the public, ” Adams said.

    Article by Linjun Fan. The pictures below of Alfredo Gamboa and the car he drove are provided by the Police Department. Gambo’s hair appeared shorter and his mustache and beard fuller at the time of his death, according to the police.



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