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    Councilmember starts Car-free Challenge for Albany

    Bikers are ubiquitous in the town of Albany, which prides itself on being one of the “greenest” cities in California. “Being Green” is in fashion. Albany Councilmember Farid Javandel has signed up for a Car-Free Challenge recently, and resolved to drive no more than 30 miles for the month of June. Can he really achieve that goal? Is it possible for the whole town to follow suit? Here is what Javandel says about  his car-free endeavors:

    “…my commute to work in Berkeley which is usually by bike, sometimes by bus if the weather is bad…  I have not driven myself to work since I started my current job a year ago. “

    “My plan for the month was no car trips for work and I’m having no trouble with that.  All my projected car miles were for weekend outings with the kids.  So on Friday night I tried to think if there was a good way to get two adults and two kids to our friends house 1 mile away for the evening without using the car. My wife worries enough if I ride my bike alone at night, so taking the bike trailer with two little boys was not a good choice.  Taking the bus would involve walking about two thirds of the distance any way in addition to spending an unknown amount of time standing on a street corner with 4 and 6 year old boys who don’t like to hold still for more than about 10 seconds at a time.  Walking would be an option except that the boys are often asleep by the time we head home and I’ve no desire to carry 100+ pounds for a mile…”

    Click to read the full story 10 days, 2 kids, 1 car trip = 2 miles on  Javandel’s blog. He has invited the other Councilmembers to participate in the Challenge at a recent meeting, and started an Albany Team on TransformCA.org.  

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