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    A Yard Sale to benefit AHS Mental Health Program

    Peggy  McQuaid, President of the Albany Community Foundation, wrote the following message calling for help with the Mental Health Program at the Albany High School:

    The Albany Community Foundation and the Albany Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Council will be holding a yard sale on Saturday, May 2 at 1604 Marin Ave. Albany from 9:00 – 2:00.  This sale is unique because all of the proceeds will go to towards stipends for the mental health interns at Albany High School.  Last school year, mental health interns helped 145 Albany High School students.  The need is great.
    The Clinical Mental Health Program at Albany High School strives to provide sound assessment and appropriate therapeutic intervention for students. These student-clients include those suffering depression, anxiety or overwhelming external circumstances that are impairing their ability to optimally function academically and/or socially.  Services include crisis intervention and suicide assessment, brief and long-term individual therapy, group therapy, and collateral assessment, intervention or planning with parents, teachers, school counselors, and outside mental health or medical providers.  Services are provided by graduate or post graduate level mental health interns under the supervision of Shelly Ball.
    In the 2007-2008 school year, 145 AHS students were served in the above capacities.  These students and their family members made about 1300 visits to the mental health program.  This number does not include phone calls with clients, their parents or outside providers, nor does it include consultations with school staff and counselors.
    This program is vital for the mental health and well-being of the Albany High School community.  Please support the students and their families by attending our yard sale on May 2 and helping both the Prevention Council and the Albany Community Foundation in their efforts to once again make generous donations to the clinical mental health program at Albany High School.  If you cannot come to the yard sale, please consider a donation to the Prevention Council or Albany Community Foundation.  Both organizations are 501(c)(3) public benefit charities.  If you would like to donate items for sale, please contact me at poolpeggy1@aol.com to make arrangements.
    Peggy McQuaid

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