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    City of Albany seeks ideas from residents to develop climate action plan

    The City of Albany is seeking ideas from the community to develop a Climate Action Plan that will be formally adopted later this year.

    Albany has made commitments in recent years to take responsible actions to address climate change. In 2007 the City Council set a goal of reducing Albany’s greenhouse gas emission by 5 percent every three years. The Council stated in a resolution that Albany would take a series of measures to make sure its total greenhouse gas emission in the year of 2020 is one fourth less than the levels of 2004.

    A comprehensive list of measures has been drafted and posted on the City’s Web site last week, with several dozen items such as improving bike lanes and pedestrian paths, expanding public transit facilities, providing preferential street parking spaces for electric vehicles, etc.  (Click here to view the 51-page-long list.)

    It’s unclear how feasible the measures are, however, since many of them would entail hundreds of thousands dollars in public expenditure for implementation. (click here to view estimated costs of the measures.)

    The City’s Sustainability Committee will discuss the draft measures at its upcoming meeting on Wednesday, April 15 . (The meeting starts at  Veteran’s Memorial Building, 1325 Portland Avenue at 7pm ).

    Th City will also hold public workshops on the  Action Plan on Green Albany Day, May 17, at Memorial Park, 11am – 3pm. After receiving comments and suggestions from the community, the City Council is scheduled to review the final draft and adopt the Plan in the fall.

    Article by Linjun Fan

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