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    Albany police issues alert on house burglaries

    The Albany Police Department issued a community alert on burglaries Friday after a number of Albany homes were broken in recently:

    The City of Albany has recently been experiencing an increase of residential burglaries (home break-ins). Eleven Albany homes have been burglarized since October 1, 2008. The most common method of entry is through an open or unlocked rear door or window, although in a few instances, a locked window has been broken or forced open, and doors have been “kicked” open. No particular neighborhood has been the focus of these break-ins, they are happening all over town: from Pierce Street to Peralta, Marin, Spokane, Ordway, Madison, Evelyn, Washington, etc. Neighboring cities have experienced similar crimes during this time period.

    These crimes are generally occurring during the daylight hours, although a few have been reported to occur in the late afternoon, early evening. The burglars are targeting unoccupied homes. A frequent tactic used by burglars of this sort is to knock or ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home. If someone answers, the burglar will usually have a story for having knocked, then depart. If there is no answer, the burglar will assume he/she has found a residence with no one at home. He/she will then usually make way to the rear of the house to check for open windows/doors. Cash, jewelry, high value electronics and small items are typically taken.

    There is very little noise associated with this type of crime. The best method of detection is to be aware of activity in your neighborhood and report suspicious circumstances. Doors and windows should certainly be locked when you are not at home. Communicate and coordinate with your neighbors if you are traveling during the upcoming holiday period. Utilize the free vacant home watch service offered by the police department when you are going out of town.

    The Albany Police Department is recommending residents be alert to anything suspicious in your neighborhood and notify the police immediately if you suspect criminal activity or observe something unusual. A delay of even one minute can make the difference. Most residential burglars are caught because of alert neighbors that report suspicious activity quickly!

    If you have information regarding these incidents or the suspects, please contact Albany Police Department Detectives at (510) 525-7300.

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