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    Please post comments on Albany Today with a real name

    Dear readers,

    Unlike a traditional news publication, Albany Today provides an opportunity for all members of the community to freely express their opinions by posting comments under news articles. A comment would appear automatically on the website once it’s submitted. Most of readers cherish this open forum and post comments with their real names. However, quite a number of comments have been made anonymously recently, especially on controversial issues such as Kay Sorg’s case.

    I believe in open discussion and free exchange of information. But it is not acceptable that some people take advantage of the open forum to violate laws, attack other readers, and  issue irresponsible remarks with their names concealed.

    For instance, one anonymous person violated copyright laws by posting a full newspaper article  in his comment yesterday. This will bring legal problems to Albany Today. As the administrator of the website, I have to take actions against such irresponsible behavior.  

    We are all accountable for what we say in public.  A citizen needs to identify himself before he speaks at public meetings, thus we are confident that he will be accountable for his words.

    We take pride in Albany being a close community and in our respect to each other. It is undesirable for a person to attack other people with his identity covered up. It is unfair to the readers who publish their real name and make sensible arguments.

    Therefore the comments posted on Albany Today without a real name will be subject to deletion from now on.

    Let’s cherish the open forum, be responsible for what we say, and respect each other.

    Best regards,

    Linda (Linjun) Fan

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