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    Sorg admits sexual relationship with former student; charges are dropped

    Kay Sorg, a veteran teacher at Albany Middle School, admitted she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a former student in a court statement Thursday.

    She agreed to resign from her job and surrendered her teaching credential, according to Danielle Hilton, District Attorney of Alameda County.

    “Under oath Sorg gave a detailed account of her emotional and sexual relationship with the victim beginning when she(the victim) was 14, ” Hilton said.

    The victim was a student in Sorg’s class at the middle school in the early 1990s. The relationship between the two lasted for four years until the student left Albany for college studies on the east coast.

    In October 2006, the victim reported the case to the Albany Unified School District. Sorg was arrested by the police and charged with four counts of sexual assault on a minor in May, 2007. 

    The case proceeded slowly in court in the past year and a half, with Sorg’s defense attorney filing several motions in an effort to dismiss the charges. 

    A hearing on whether the prosecutor had enough evidence to override the statute of limitations was originally scheduled for Thursday, Nov.20.

    But the prosecutor decided not to pursue the case shortly before the hearing.

    “We dropped the charges because the victim did not want to testify, because Sorg agreed to resign, and because she is no longer a danger to the public, ” Hilton said.

    Sorg has signed a resignation letter to be submitted to the school district. 

    She and her husband are relieved that the case is over, according to her attorney Liz Grossman.

    “It’s the hope of all parties that everyone can go forward in their life and close this chapter, ” Grossman said.

    Sorg was a beloved science teacher at Albany Middle School for more than two decades before she took an administrative leave from her job after her arrest. No charges from other persons had been filed against her.

    Article by Linda (Linjun) Fan, Click here to read previous stories on the case.

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