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    Albany Today puts forward advertising service for local businesses

    Dear Readers,

    As some of you might know, Albany Today was started by me as a class project a year ago to explore the new possibilities of journalism in the digital era.

    It has become a reliable and respected news source for hundreds of people in the community in the past year, through its timely, lively, and fair coverage of major issues in town.

    Now more than 2,000 Albany residents visit the website weekly, and more than 500 visit it daily.

    Albany Today connects and informs the community with colorful coverage of  local activities, in-depth probing into various issues of public concern, and comprehensive reporting on the recent election. It serves also as a forum for members of the community to express their opinions and listen to others.

    Its remarkable success has inspired my school, the Graduate School of Journalism of at UC-Berkeley, to launch similar news websites for several other San Francisco Bay communities, such as Oakland North and El Cerrito Focus.

    Now Albany Today is putting forward an advertising plan to help local businesses and community groups reach residents, and in the meantime, to look for ways to keep its own news service sustainable.

    It offers sidebar banner spots for $15 – $50 per month, and gives discounts to all Albany local businesses.  Non-profit community groups will get free banner service for the month of November, and half-price afterwards.

    Please click here for more information, and contact Tod Abbott   510 527-9920 , tod@AlmostEverythingWeb.com, if you have any questions. Tod is an Albany resident as well as the Executive Director of Albany Chamber of Commerce. He has built a convenient system for you to order the service and pay for it directly on the Internet. Click here to try it out. 

    Through the plan, Albany local businesses will find an effective way to promote their businesses among local residents, and Albany Today could be able to serve you with valuable news and information in the long term. 

    I’d also like to tell you that I don’t handle the business operations of the website, in order to maintain my neutrality as a reporter and to provide you with independent news stories.

    Please help to pass the word around and support Albany Today, as well as businesses and non-profit groups in our community.

    Best wishes,

    Linda (Linjun) Fan

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