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    Messages of gratitude and hope to Albany voters

    The candidates who won the City Council and the School Board elections Tuesday, wrote messages of gratitude and hope to voters:

    Farid Javandel: “I feel honored to have been selected by the voters of Albany to continue representing them on the City Council. I will do the best I can to represent the interests of all residents by listening respectfully to the concerns they express and working creatively to develop consensus solutions. This is what I have tried to do over the past four years, what I emphasized in my reelection campaign, and what I hope to do even better over the next four years.

    While we may have challenges ahead of us we can address them best by working collaboratively and openly to responsibly serve the many needs of Albany’s citizens. I want those who voted for me and those who did not to both feel that I have treated all of them fairly and with respect as I participate in making the best decisions I can for our community.”

    Peggy Thomsen: “I want to sincerely thank the voters of Albany and especially those who worked so hard on my campaign. I look forward to working with my fellow council members and the citizens of Albany during the next four years.”

    Patricia Low: “I am humbled and honored to have received the votes of the citizens of Albany who have elected me to the Board of Education. I would like to thank all the people who campaigned for me and voted for me. And I would like to ask them and all the community members of Albany to work with me and the board to support the Albany schools for the good of our community and our children in these difficult economic times. In spite of the fiscal challenges the school district must fact in the near future, I am hopeful and have confidence in the people of Albany.”

    Ron Rosenbaum: “I look forward to continuing the hard work the Board has to keep moving the Albany schools forward.”

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