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    Thomsen, Javandel and Lieber win City Council election

    Peggy Thomsen led the City Council race with 2,968 votes, Farid Javandel ranked second with 2557 votes, and Robert Lieber followed with 2446 votes, according to the Registrar of Voters of Alameda County. The other three candidates all got more than 2,000 votes, but failed to be elected.

    The controversial Measure Y, which asks for direct election of mayor, failed with 2,853 voters said no to it,  while a significant minority, 2,512 residents voted for it.

    A majority of voters also disapproved Measure DD, which asks for an increase of property transfer tax. Measure EE, through which Albany Fire Department seeks further funding  for replacing paramedic fire engines, did not pass, either. 

    Voters approved all the other four local measures, however.  With the passage of Measure BB, City Councilmembers will be able to receive a monthly salary of $300, instead of the current $10. Approval of Measure AA gives the City Council more flexibility in deciding the bidding process for public projects.  Measure CC allows the Council to make changes on meeting times, and Measure Z enables a smooth transition of  membership in commissions and similar bodies.

    Candidate Nick Pilch received 2,278 votes,  Leo Panian received 2,187 and  Ellen Toomey 2, 107.  

    Click here to view more voting results.

    Photos by Jessica Peckham, student at Albany High School, and Linda (Linjun) Fan.  Kyle Kubler at Albany High School contributed to the story; special thanks to Ned Purdom, instructor of the Journalism Program at the high school.

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