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    Albany High School students vote overwhelmingly for Obama in mock election

    Students of Albany High School filled out their ballots at a mock presidential election Wednesday. Photo by Micah Yee. Article by Linda (Linjun) Fan.

    If students of Albany High School had the say in the upcoming presidential election, Barack Obama would win by a 80 per cent margin over John McCain.

    572 students at the high school participated in a mock election organized by the school and the League of Women Voters Wednesday. 86 per cent of them voted for Obama and less than 5 per cent voted for McCain.

    Although most of them haven’t reached the legal voting age, the students were eager to voice their opinions. More than half of the 1,300 AHS students registered to vote in the mock election, and 76 per cent of the registered showed up to fill out their ballots at polling booths on campus. 

    They also voted overwhelmingly against California Proposition 8, which aims to prohibit same-sex marriage. Nearly four out of five of them said No to the proposition. 

    They are keen to support animal rights. A dominant majority of them voted for Prop. 2, which supports state legislation to improve living conditions of farm animals.

    And most of them don’t like to be treated differently from adults on abortion rights. 73 per cent of them opposed Prop. 4, an initiative to make sure that parents of a minor be notified when she seeks abortion.

    Click here to view the complete voting result of the mock election.

    *Micah Yee is a student at Albany High School and a reporter for the Cougar.

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