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    Discussion: should the accuser’s name be published?

    Dear Readers,

    You might know that I have been following Ms. Kay Sorg’s case and written about it for about a year now. I disclosed some new information in the most recent story Hearing of Sorg’s sexual offense case centers on letters, including the names of two witnesses, who used to be students at Albany schools.

    But I didn’t include the name of the accuser and the first name of her father. The attorneys of the case concealed the names in their court papers. However, I’ve got them through research of public records.

    I am not sure whether it’s proper to publish the name or not. I’ve consulted lawyers who told me that it’s legal to publish the names. And my journalism ethics professor said that he thought it proper to publish the name, since the accuser is no longer a minor. (She should be around 30 now.)

    I’d like to know how you feel about it, and whether you think it appropriate to publish their names, and then make a decision. Please write down your response below or email it to linjun9913@berkeley.edu.

    I appreciate your time and thoughts.

    Best regards,

    Linda (Linjun) Fan

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