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    Meet Election Candidates: Farid Javandel for Albany City Council

    Farid Javandel wore a letterman jacket which records his glorious achievements at Albany High School at Solano stroll last month. Javandel is seeking reelection to the Albany City Council. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan.  Below is his campaign statement:

    “I was raised in Albany and now I am raising my children here. Albany’s excellent schools, responsive police and emergency services, parks and recreational opportunities, and dedicated citizens serving and improving the City make it a wonderful community for families in the midst of a major metropolitan area. We must achieve both economic and environmental sustainability to retain this quality of life.

    For four years I have been privileged to serve on the City Council after serving three years on the Traffic and Safety Commission. For the past seven years, I have used my professional engineering training and problem solving skills to analyze and solve challenges faced by our City. I have focused on gathering all facts rather than prejudge any issue. My thoughtful approach, logical analysis and efforts to listen to all members of the public have led various people to refer to me as the “Voice of Reason” on the City Council. If reelected I will continue to listen to all citizens of Albany and pursue fair and balanced policy decisions for the benefit of everyone in Albany.

    Vote for the Voice of Reason!”

    Read about his positions on several major city issues:

    Long dominated by the racetrack and the former dump, we have the opportunity to reshape our waterfront into something that we can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. In a city with such a shortage of park space it is critical to maximize use of this open space for varied environmentally friendly uses by Albany. We need replacement revenue for that lost by the racetrack and significant property taxes currently generated by privately owned waterfront lands that go to the City and School District. We must develop a long term community generated vision for useable parks and appropriately sized community friendly development at the waterfront. The racetrack now occupies the most developable area while parking lots occupy prime land for open space and park uses, leaving very little land that is developable in the short term. This must be planned carefully since we have only one chance to get it right.
    I grew up in a house on Marin Avenue, so I am well aware of the safety issues facing Bicyclists and Pedestrians in Albany. As a Registered Traffic Engineer and Planner I was lead author of the Citywide Transportation Management Plan. Bike and pedestrian safety were among the top priorities identified at dozens of neighborhood and city-wide community meetings. When I was later appointed to the City Traffic and Safety Commission, I continued addressing the concerns of Albany citizens. Since then I have had the opportunity to advise the City Council on issues ranging from bike lanes and neighborhood traffic calming projects to child safety at school pick-up and drop-off zones. My wife and I currently walk our son to Kindergarten. As he gets older we want a community where he and other children can safely walk or bike to school and develop into adults that are not dependent on automobiles as their sole form of transportation to the detriment of their own health and environment.

    Albany has an impressive 3-minute response time for police and fire emergency services, which must be maintained.  Although we each hope not to need such services it is a comfort to know that we have them in the event that the health or safety of our families is threatened.  It is critical that we prepare our police and fire facilities so that our emergency services can continue to operate after a major earthquake when they will be most needed.
    Albany has a shortage of parks, playgrounds and sports fields, which we need for our children and adults to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. We must seize once in a lifetime opportunities to acquire land. This includes buying or leasing land from Caltrans for the Pierce Street Park and obtaining land at the waterfront for open space and parks.
    Growing up in Albany I enjoyed an excellent elementary, middle and high School education, before earning my BS and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley. Albany schools consistently outperform most schools in the state because of our community’s continued dedication to support education. This is one of Albany’s most attractive features, and the reason that my wife and I paid more to buy a house in my home town. Our oldest son began attending Kindergarten at Oceanview School this years only a few years after my youngest sister graduates from Albany High School.

    Despite difficult decisions in funding the many services the City provides, businesses and residents need not feel undue tax burdens if outside sources of funding are identified.  I will appoint commissioners with expertise in obtaining grant funds for Albany. Passage of Measure F in 2002 funded critical needs for parks, traffic safety, infrastructure, and seismic improvements to civic facilities.  While others struggled to determine their most urgent needs and request larger shares of the bond money, I worked with the Traffic and Safety Commission and City staff to apply for grants such as one to match $48,000 of City money with $192,000 in grant money to stretch our buying power, leaving more Measure F funds for other critical needs in Albany.

    Watch a video message from him:

    Javandel could be reached by email Farid@VoteJavandel.com  or by phone   (510) 381-8459         

    Visit his website  for more information on his background and endorsements.

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