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    Biking gains popularity among Albany kids

    Three-year-old Zoe Zellentin rides her bike to preschool every weekday. She attended Albany’s bike rodeo Saturday, testing out her biking skills along a zig-zag path at the playground of Cornell Elementary. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan.

    Several dozen kids in Albany put on their helmets and rode their bike to attend the bike event Saturday. Each of them went through a training session biking along a meandering path painted at the playground of Cornell.

    They screamed hard at two trick riders when they jumped over a ramp and spinning their bikes around. The trick riders didn’t forget to remind the excited spectators to wear their helmets while biking.

    “We want to tell the kids that you can be cool and safe at the same time, ” said Albany Police Chief Mike McQuiston, who helped to organize the event together with Albany Police Activity League.

    The kids also got their bikes checked by a technician from sponsor Solano Avenue Cyclery, and each received a free helmet.

    Watch a video below on the event, with images of trick rider jumping mid-air and Albany kids trying out their own tricks:

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