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    City Council and School Board candidates debate Tuesday

    Candidates for Albany City Council and School Board will debate on various public issues Tuesday evening, Oct. 14, 7 pm – 9 pm at Northbrae Community Church, 941 Alameda, Berkeley.

    The event was hosted by the League of Women Voters. Each candidate will give a two-minute opening statement. Then a moderator from the League will ask prepared questions. The debate will end with each candidate giving a two-minute closing statement. City Council candidates debate begins at 7 p.m. and end at 8 p.m.. School Board candidates debate starts at 8:15 pm.

    The six City Council candidates are  Farid Javandel, Robert Lieber, Nick Pilch, Leo PanianPeggy Thomsen, and Ellen Toomey . The three School Board candidates are  John Kindle, Patricia Low, and Ron Rosenbaum.

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