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    After years of neglect, Talbot house eventually gets sold

    The house located at 1075 Talbot Avenue of Albany, which had been vacant and dilapidated for years, was eventually sold last week. The new owner has painted the house’s exterior wall.

    “All the neighbors are really thrilled. The house will be used by people, instead of rotting away like it was, ” said Gale Williams, a resident in the neighborhood.

    Williams petitioned city administrators to act on the house in early March, together with several dozen neighbors concerned with the house’s safety and health problems.

    City staff invoked Albany’s nuisance ordinance and pressured the owners of the house to deal with the problems.

    The owners finally decided to sell the house in the summer and got it sold last week at $426,000.

    “The owners were pleased. We are thrilled that the house got sold in a short period of time, ” said Todd Hodson, a realtor handling the sales.

    About 200 people, many of whom were curious neighbors, visited the house at its first Open House in August. Photo by Linda(Linjun) Fan.

    Hodson said that 16 people offered to buy the house, whose price was originally set at $360,000.

    The new owner is a young man from Albany. He has painted the exterior wall of the house. The roof, which has a square-foot hole on it, will be replaced by the weekend, according to his agent Lina Wu.

    “I thank all the residents in the neighborhood for their commitment to get this done, ” said Albany Mayor Robert Lieber at a Council meeting Monday. “I thank the council, and the staff to get the job done.”

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