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    Meet Election Candidates: Ellen Toomey for Albany City Council

    Ellen Toomey, a funding member of Albany’s SchoolCARE and an avid advocate for urban farms, is one of the six candidates running for three seats on the Albany City Council.  Read a message from Toomey on her campaign ideas:

    “Hello, my name is Ellen Toomey. I’m running for Albany City Council. The generosity, intelligence, and talent of people in this community is a continuing inspiration to me. I will work toward supporting these powerful and positive aspects of our town. I’ll focus on strengthening our environmental and economic well being now and for years to come – so that Albany will continue to be a great place to live for people of all ages.

    Bridging Groups

    My fourteen years as Albany resident include working with multiple groups, bringing people together for tangible results. I’ve been an active volunteer at each level in the schools. I’ve learned about the complexity and challenges of school funding. I’m a founding board member of SchoolCARE, which has brought over 1.9 million dollars to the Albany schools since its establishment in 2001.


    My 30-plus-year career as a graphic designer has given me a window into the workings of business. I’ve gained knowledge of how to communicate effectively, and what’s needed to support success in business, from Wall Street to Solano Avenue. I’m focused on developing and sustaining a vibrant economy, with robust revenue. A healthy economic base, strong schools, and dependable city services – via sustainable development – are my priorities. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the Pratt Institute in NY, and I have taught design at the college level.


    My interest in education, concern for environmental and community well-being come together in my advocacy for an educational and community farm at the Gill Tract – a concept whose value is underscored in every day’s news. In addition to the educational riches and health-enhancing aspects, this will be an eco-park gathering place, for the benefit of all. These efforts have gained participation and support from the Albany Superintendent of Schools, school board members and city council members.  Please click to see Gill Tract . Successful models include: Fair View Gardens and Edible School Yard

    I advocate for adequate sports facilities – and for retaining the Little League Fields at their current location. My daughter in 10th grade at Albany High has played on sports teams since Kindergarten. My long-time avocation is yoga practice and teaching.

    I believe that we can come together as a community to arrive at an environmentally and economically sound vision for the waterfront -one that honors the treasure of our bay front and respects all participants.

    I am running for Albany City Council to make use of my diverse affiliations in our community for positive connections. Working together, with progressive leadership, informed thinking, and sound planning, Albany can be a regional model for sustainability in this era of significant environmental and economic challenge. As an independent thinker and activist well-woven into the fabric of Albany, I believe I can help unify our approach to important issues.”

    Watch a video message from Toomey:


     She could be reached by phone 510-526-0737 or email ellen@toomeydesign.com

    Click here to see a list of her endorsements.

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