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    Repost your lost comments on Albany Today

    Dear Readers,

    As some of you might have noticed, Albany Today has changed its URL from www.albanytoday.wordpress.com into www.albanytoday.org recently. Yes, it has moved into a new house with better functions. Unfortunately a few comments from you on the latest posts have been lost in switching from the old server to a new one.

    For instance, the comments on the election candidates and Solano Stroll don’t show up on the current site anymore. Therefore I’d like you to post them again, so people can still get to read them.

    And I encourage you to post more comments. Take the advantage of Albany Today’s interactive functions. Through it you could share ideas and information with thousands of members of the community. The website has filters against spams, but comments from you would never be deleted.

    I want to thank Andrew Austin especially, who wrote to me after one of his comments got lost. Thank you, Andrew, for posting the comment and writing to me about your concerns at losing the comment.

    Best regards,

    Linda (Linjun)

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