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    City staff fail to enter Talbot house

    By Linda (Linjun) Fan

    City staff of Albany failed to enter the house at 1075 Talbot Avenue Wednesday, as the owners of the house didn’t show up for an inspection scheduled by the city.

    About a hundred neighbors have signed a petition letter recently urging the city to act on the house, which they regard as a nuisance property.

    City staff wrote a letter to the owner of the house, and scheduled to inspect the house on Wednesday, April 2, after receiving neighbors’ complaints.

    However, the owners of the house didn’t respond to the letter, or show up at the house at the time of the scheduled inspection.

    City staff couldn’t enter the house without the owners’ consent.

    Jeff Bond, Planning and Building Manager, said after the failed inspection that he would consult Albany’s City Attorney, and try to get a court warrant to enter the house.

    Talbot house April 2

    Albany’s Community Development Director Anne Chaney (right), and Building Inspector David Henderson (left ), looked at Planning and Building Manager Jeff Bond, as he was making a phone call in front of the closed door of the vacant house at 1075 Talbot Avenue. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan.

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