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    Sorg pleads not guilty on charges of sexual assault

    By Linda (Linjun) Fan

    Kay Sorg, a veteran teacher of Albany Middle School charged with sexual assault on a former student, pleaded not guilty in court last week.

    The plea was postponed for nearly a year because Sorg’s defense attorney had been challenging the sufficiency of prosecutors’ complaint on the case.

    The court accepted the complaint last Thursday after prosecutors added more allegations into it, according to Greg Dolge, Deputy District Attorney of Alameda County.

    It’s written in the complaint that prosecutors have evidence of “sexually explicit” letters from the defendant to the alleged victim, who claimed that she was sexually molested by Sorg about 16 years ago while she was attending Albany schools.

    “The letters don’t exist any more, but we have the victim’s testimony on them, ” Dolge said.

    Sorg’s defense attorney Elizabeth Grossman believes that the testimony of the letters can not be accepted as evidence, and asked the court to conduct an evidential hearing on it.

    The hearing will be held on May 30. A preliminary trial of the case will be scheduled if the judge of the case decides to accept the testimony as evidence.

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