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    Albany completes its first community garden


    A Community Garden has been completed at Ocean View Park of Albany recently. All Albany residents can now apply for a plot to garden there. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan.

    If you are Albany resident that likes gardening, you may consider applying for a plot to grow your favorite plants in Ocean View Community Garden.

    The newly-completed garden, located west of Ocean View Elementary, is the first community garden constructed in Albany in recent years.

    It has 14 raised beds of different sizes and heights, nicely built in a quiet corner of the Ocean View Park.

    All Albany residents are eligible for applying for a plot. They can call the Albany Recreation and Community Services Department ( 510-524-9283 ) for application.

    After collecting the applications, the department will draw a lottery and assign the plots. The plot holders will then be asked to sign an agreement with the city and pay an annual fee of $50 for water supply and other maintenance costs.

    Priority will be given to residents living in apartments, because they usually don’t have a yard for gardening, according to Penelope Leach, director of the Recreation and Community Services Department.

    Leach encourages Albany’s gardening lovers to apply for a plot in the community garden.

    “You’ll just automatically find people that have similar interest as you do, and you can share tips and ideas of taking care of plants, ” Leach said. “I think that creates a sense of community. “

    Two of the 14 plots have been reserved for Albany’s younger generation, one for the children of Ocean View Elementary, and the other for the teenagers of the Albany Teen Center.

    Click here to read the guidelines for the community garden.

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