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    Fledgling reporters from Albany High School join Albany Today

    Dear readers,

    I am excited to announce to you that a group of fledgling reporters from Albany High School are joining me to write news stories for Albany Today.

    Some of them will write about the big games of their sports teams, some will write about the issues of special concern to high schoolers, some will share with us their views on national politics, etc.

    They are all from the high school’s Journalism Program, and have already published stories on their monthly newspaper the Cougar under the guidance of Mr. Ned Purdom.

    Mr. Purdom invited me to give a talk at their journalism class yesterday. I took the chance to meet the young reporters of the community and invite them to work with me.

    You will soon see the works of the Cougars on Albany Today.

    I’d also like to share with you that Albany Today has received nearly 20,000 page views in total, doubling the number I told you in my Happy New Year message last month. (The exact number is 18,612 at this minute. )

    Let’s give the Cougars a warm welcome!


    Linda (Linjun) Fan

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