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    Albany voted Yes on bond measure to rebuild pool


    The half-a-century-old Albany Pool will be replaced by two new pools with voters’ approval of Measure E this week.  Photo by Linjun Fan.

    A bond measure for rebuilding the Albany Pool was approved by a majority of Albany voters Tuesday.

    More than 3,400 Albany residents voted Yes on the measure, accounting for 71 per cent of the total number of votes, while 1,400 people voted against issuing the Community Pool Improvement Bond, according to the Registrar of Voters Office of Alameda County.

    The measure becomes effective when it’s supported by more than 55 per cent of Albany voters.

    Following the approval of the measure, a 10-million-dollar general obligation bond will be issued by the Albany Unified School District to finance the construction of two new swimming pools for the community, and several classrooms for the Albany High School.

    “I would like to thank the community and parents of the Albany Unified School District for their continued support of the students, ” said Superintendent William Wong of the school district.

    Peggy McQuaid, former director of the pool, said she was pleased at the voting result.

    “I am grateful to the community for supporting it, ” said McQuaid, who dropped campaigning pamphlets for the pool measure door to door last month.

    Architects hired by the the school district will develop a design for the pool project in the following two months. Demolition and construction work could start in about six months, according to Wong.

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