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    A majority of Albany residents vote for Barack Obama in primary election

    Albany residents cast ballots at Community Center

    Albany voters cast their ballot at the Albany Community Center Tuesday. Photo by Linjun Fan.

    An overwhelming majority of Albany voters chose Barack Obama to run for President in the primary election Tuesday.

    Among the 3, 017 people who cast their ballots at Albany’s polling stations, more than 1, 700 voted for Obama, doubling the number for Hillary Clinton, who received 813 votes.

    The numbers were collected from all the 13 counting machines at various polling stations in Albany, not including the absentee ballots or provisional ballots, whose numbers are not yet known.

    A number of young people interviewed said they voted for Obama.

    Tricia Dignard“He is young. He is fresh. He can bring something different and new, ” said 28-year-old Tricia Dignard who casted her ballot at the UC-Village polling station.

    60-year-old Robert Pressnal said he didn’t pay much attention to Obama until he listened to his speech after winning the Iowa caucus.

    Pressnal“Wow, he isn’t an easy nose, ” said Pressnal. “He is speaking like an actual, intelligent, compassionate human being, from the mind and in the heart. “

    41-year-old Liz Maker voted for Obama for different reasons.

    Liz Maker“I like his anti-war stance. I like what he said in the debate about not scapegoating immigrants, ” Maker said.

    Some are not staunch supporters of Obama, but still cast their ballots for him.

    Cummings“It seems that he really brings a lot of people together. So I like that, ” said 43-year-old Cummings. “But if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I would be very excited to vote for her in November. “

    Don Smith, a 48-year-old researcher at the Lawrence Science Lab at Berkeley, said he voted for Clinton.

    Don Smith“She is experienced. She is democratic. She is somewhat conservative and somewhat liberal. And She has 30 years experience in government, ” Smith said.

    Shelli Briones, a healthcare worker, voted for Clinton, too.

    Shelli“I think her healthcare plan is more spelled out. I work for healthcare. I have healthcare problems in my family, and I am really sick of healthcare and what I have to deal with, ” Briones said.

    Paul Chaffee didn’t remember who he voted for after he got out of the polling station at Albany Community Center. He was registered as a Green Party member so he had to vote for Green candidates, whose names he was not familiar with. He wanted to vote for Obama, however.

    Chaffee“He seems to be less offensive than the others. None of his state policies bother me, ” said 49-year-old Chaffee.

    Most Albany voters cast their ballots for democratic candidates. Only 214 of them voted for republican candidates.

    Albany has a total of 9, 622 registered voters, 6, 093 of them are registered as democratic, 790 are republican, and 2, 137 are non-partisan, according to a late January statistics released by the Registrar of Voters’ Office of Alameda County.

    Some eligible voters didn’t participate in the election. 19-year-old Josue Acosta said that he didn’t vote because he doesn’t trust any of the candidates.

    Acosta“They promise this or that. Once they become president, they always break their promises. I don’t trust them at all, ” Acosta said.

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