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    Commentary: “There are no illegal children, students or people”

    January 12th, 2008

    Albany School Board Member Miriam Walden wrote a commentary on the residence checking story:

    “There are no illegal children, students or people. They all belong here on our planet. They all have a right to learn. The issue is only one of residency documentation — an artificial problem that is caused by our immoral system of state funding for education, not by parents or students on their own. For a full description of my concerns about this issue and my response to the “overcrowding” complaints, please see my blog at http://www.miriamwalden.blogspot.com. ” 

    Please post your comments directly or write an email to me if you’d like to share your opinions on the issue.

    Albany school district strengthens screening of “illegal students”

    January 10th, 2008

    By Linjun Fan  

    Arslan Mesihovic, father of a six-grader in Albany Middle School, spent the holidays anxiously looking for a place to live in Albany. He was given an ultimatum by the Albany Unified School District in mid December: he needs to restore his Albany residence by Jan.25, otherwise his son would be dismissed from school in the new semester.

    Mesihovic is among the 15 parents who were recently found out by the school district to be sending their kids to Albany schools without living in the city or having a permit for transfer.
    Read the rest of this entry »

    Judge rules complaint against Sorg insufficient

    January 8th, 2008

    By Linjun Fan

    A judge ruled the sexual assault complaint against Kay Sorg, a veteran teacher in Albany Middle School, insufficient Friday.

    Judge Sandra Bean of Alameda County Superior Court instructed a prosecutor to add more information to the complaint after hearing arguments from the prosecution and Sorg’s defense attorney Elizabeth Grossman.

    District Attorney Greg Dolge needs to allege in his charging document that he has independent evidence other than the word of the alleged victim, who claimed to be a student of Sorg’s in the middle school and the two had sex when she was in Albany High School. Read the rest of this entry »

    Happy New Year, readers of Albany Today!

    January 6th, 2008


    Dear Readers of Albany Today:

    Happy New Year! I want to share with you some stories behind the news stories on Albany Today, and my plans and wishes for this community news website as the year of 2008 comes.

    I started Albany Today in mid September as a project for my Reporting and Writing class. All students in the class were assigned to set up a news website for a Bay Area city, and post news stories on it in the course of the semester.

    Now all my classmates have stopped posting on their websites as the semester ended, but I am still reporting and writing on Albany Today.

    I keep writing because I enjoy doing it and because you are encouraging me.

    Many of you have told me that you like Albany Today in person or by email. The website got nearly ten thousand page views in the past three months. (The exact number is 9,672 views up until now.) Several hundred Albany residents are reading it regularly. Read the rest of this entry »

    Campaign for pool-rebuilding bond measure moves into high gear

    January 5th, 2008

    pool closure 2

    Albany Pool closed Thursday due to a pumb problem. The closure is taken as a good opportunity to campaign for a bond measure to rebuild the pool by the Vote Yes for Measure E Committee. Photo by Linjun Fan.

    A campaign committee is busy lobbying Albany residents to support a 10-million-dollar bond measure, which will be voted on the Feb. 5 ballot, to rebuild Albany Pool.

    The committee, named Vote Yes for Measure E, is led by Charles Blanchard, President of Albany School Board, and Peggy McQuaid, a retired director of the pool who had worked for 25 years at the pool.

    “Albany needs a new swimming pool. We hope that you will help to make it possible, ” said Blanchard and McQuaid in a guest commentary published Friday on the Journal, a primary newspaper in the city. Read the rest of this entry »