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    Most of Albany Bulb and Plateau reopen, rocks are being cleaned

    rocks are being cleanedPhoto by Linjun Fan.

    A second team of about 50 workers came to the Albany shoreline Tuesday and started scraping tar by hand and with spades from tainted rocks near the beach.

    By Wednesday, they had collected dozens of bags of thick tar, but it was unclear how much longer it would take for all the rocks on the mile-long shoreline to be cleaned.

    Workers arrived from as far as Houston and New Orleans to clean the oil spill, which spewed from the Cosco Buson container ship a week ago when it hit a tower of the Bay Bridge in heavy fog. The workers were sent by the O’Briens Group, which has been contracted to clean up the 58,000-gallon spill. They are scheduled to continue work on the tainted shorelines for the next several weeks, according to Janatham Wilson, supervisor of the team.

    Most of the Albany Bulb and Plateau, except the areas less than 50 feet from the water, reopened to the public Tuesday.

    However, visitors should avoid contact with water, and dogs must be on leash in all park areas, according to a latest notice issued by the City of Albany.

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