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    Homeless rebuilt camps at Albany Bulb

    homeless 1

    homeless 2

    Katherine Cody sat under her umbrella enjoying the bay view with  big smiles, while another homeless friend of hers took a nap in their newly-set-up tent on Sunday noon. Photo by Linjun Fan.

    Several homeless people have rebuilt their camps at Albany Bulb barely a month after the city conducted a massive campaign to remove them.

    “It’s good to be home again, “said Katherine Cody, who had camped at the Bulb for nearly a year before she was ordered by police to leave the place in late September. “I’ve just put up my kitchen and umbrella. “

    The landfill-turned Bulb has been a favorite place for homeless encampments for years, and Albany has been clearing them once in every two years. In the city’s latest clean-up effort Albany police ordered all homeless to leave their camps, and a team of 11 workers was hired for 4 days to carry dumpsters of camp garbage out of the Bulb.

    But the homeless didn’t go far away. Some of them camped near the Target store and Cornell Elementary, according to Albany Police Report.

    Three of them slept under a big tree near their old camps, and another hid at a “secret place” at the Bulb, according to Cody.

    “I can’t tell you where. He’s got a place they can’t see from anywhere, ” Cody said.

    (Click here to read more about the recent clean-up campaign at the Bulb.)

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