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    Two houses in Albany were broken into Monday night

    Two houses on San Gabriel Street of Albany were broken into Monday night.

    Jim Crawford told police that he found his kitchen window broken, drawers of a dresser pulled open, and some jewelry taken away when he arrived home Monday night.

    Charles Matson, a neighbor who lives across the street from Crawford, also reported to police at around 9 p.m. the same night that his front door was pried open .

    “It was a bummer, ” said Crawford.  “This had never happened in my life, ” he added later.

    Crawford has lived in Albany for more than four years. He had been away on a trip and just returned from airport when his wife and him found their house had been intruded.

    Crawford said that it was obvious that the two houses were broken into by the same people, but he had no idea of who they could be.

    A house on Taft Street of Albany was also entered by thief on Tuesday afternoon last week. A laptop computer and a flat screen TV were stolen, according to Albany police.

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